Therapy for People Of Color

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As a South Asian woman, Surbhi specializes in counseling for people of color from all backgrounds, particularly those who identify as south or east Asian. Whether you were born and brought up in the States or you moved here from your home country, your mental health can often be placed very low on your list of priorities. For some, mental health is not something that is considered when calculating the formula for success or making your family proud. For many, addressing that one may even have a mental health concern can be a reason to be shunned from society or family. We hope to raise awareness amongst the BIPOC Community to help end the stigma revolving around mental health. 

Many individuals who identify as a minority do not have their feeling or emotions validated. If you often feel anxious, depressed, guilty, shame, angry, fear and/or low self-esteem, then you may benefit from talk therapy.  Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, if not more. Mind over matter signifies that a strong mind can get you though the many obstacles that life throws at you so why not strengthen your mind by putting your mental health first? This is a sign to put YOU first, YOUR MIND, YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.